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Elephant Wood and Brass Bookends, Bookworm Gift, Hand carved Holder

Elephant Wood and Brass Bookends, Bookworm Gift, Hand carved Holder

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The elephant is an elegant magnificent mammal native to India. Drawing inspiration from this animal, this intricately detailed bookend features brass inlay work carved by master artisans. This bookend would enhance your home or office library's décor. This a beautiful set to bring class and elegance to your bookcase. 

Ideal gift for your friends and family, book lovers, or students to keep books in order. These accent pieces make a great gift for nature lovers and book lovers alike, so pick up an extra pair to give to that special someone.


  • Hand-carved from Sheesham wood by expert artisans
  • Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary
  • Fun, creative, functional gift for those who love books and wish to organise their collection
  • Decorative and functional  in allowing yourself to display and organise a cluster of books
  • Fair Trade hand-carved holder
  • Made in India



  • Approx. Height = 160 mm
  • Approx. Length = 150 mm
  • Approx. Width = 85 mm
  • Approx dimensions of one Elephant: Length = 100 cm, Height = 80 mm



Due to the nature of hand-made products, kindly expect slight imperfections. This is not a defect and "Elephant Wood and Brass Bookends - Bookworm Gift, Hand carved Holder" is non-refundable due to this reason.


About Indian Woodcraft & Artisans

Woodcraft in India is dated back to the ancient times of Maharajas. Initially, the art was limited to carving sculptures and windows of temples and palaces. Over many generations and under the influence of its region's culture and locally available wood the art form has evolved and now extends to articles like furniture, decorative pieces, storage boxes,  table lamps, toys, and puppets

India has an abundance of native wood that lends well to the carving and inlay work. Some of examples are Ebony, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Sheesham, and Sal.

The diversity of each region's style and carving technique reflects in the motifs, and patterns on each carved article. The geometrical and floral patterns are the most popular.

In many regions, woodcraft production is vital for community livelihoods. By participating with Fair Trade organisations, we contribute to alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability through ethical practices. These organisations aim to educate and empower disadvantaged sections of the Indian community by providing them with job opportunities, gender equality, fair wages, safe and healthy working environment while preserving the local culture & traditional skills.
You may notice a photograph and video of our artisan, Preeti working on this bookend.
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