Our Mission

Making high-quality products that are manufactured in an ethical way is important to us. We are committed to fueling the world with sustainably made items because we know what it feels like when you're deprived of fair wages for your work, or if your safety is compromised on the job. It's this commitment that drives our success as a company and ensures that trading fairer really does make life better.

We think of ourselves as a social enterprise and we want to act sustainably in all areas of our businessĀ while looking out for our teams. Our mission touches upon 3 areas - product, economic and social.

We create opportunities for artisans to earn income and provide sustenanceĀ to their families by putting their products on the Australian market. The ten principles of Fair Trade which ensure fairness for communities around the globe fuel our mission.

As a growing organisation,Ā we are continuouslyĀ seeking clarity on areas to improve on our end. While we would continue on our social and environmental commitmentsĀ to elevate lives of our artisans following the Fair Trade principles, a major focus in the coming yearĀ 2024 towards positiveĀ environmental impact would be on reducing waste in our supply chain including customer packaging.

UntilĀ Nov 2021,Ā we have implemented the following initiatives at our end and encouraging out suppliers as mentioned here:

  • Switch to home-compostable packaging mailers instead of plastic AusPost mailers (AusPost mailers are usually cheaper than the eco-friendly option but we don't wish to make a compromise here for our planet and future)
  • Switch to eco-friendly compostableĀ packaging tape made fromĀ 90% renewable resources like plants and rubber.
  • We are also encouraging our suppliers to use eco-friendly packaging tape.
  • At the moment, approx. 97% of the products shipped to us by our suppliers are packaged in environmentally friendly materials. The rest 3% use plastic mailers/bags which can be recycled at REDcycle facilities or drop box usually availableĀ in nearest supermarket. In most instances, we try to repackage those products before sending to you. The materials we don't like to use like plastic mailers are send to recycling.

We wish to continue on these endeavours and want to add new products to our range without costing the Earth.

You can read about our pledge or code of ethics by clicking the link.Ā