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Did you know the 10 principles of Fair Trade

The 10 principles or commandments of Fair Trade are summarised below.

1. Providing opportunities for disadvantaged producers and artisans - Poverty reduction through trade continues to form a key part of the our aim. 

2. Transparency and accountability - Open and transparent trade and communication is vital to our success and of our artisan groups. 

3. Follow Fair Trade Practices - We recognize, promote and protect the cultural identity and traditional skills of our artisan producers as reflected in their craft designs and other related services.

4. Provide fair payments - A fair pay to our artisan groups ensuring that their needs and wants are put first while ensuring fairness to market.

5. Do not engage in child labour - Our artisan groups do not engage in child labour.

6. Do not discriminate, promote gender equality - Our artisan groups promote gender equality, providing equal opportunities to both men and women.

7. Provide good and safe working conditions - Our artisan groups comply with national and local laws on health and safety.

8. Build capacity - We seek to increase positive developmental impacts for our small, marginalised artisans and producers through Fair Trade.

9. Promote fair trade - We try to raise awareness about fair trade as much as we can, to make a better place for all of us.

10. Respect environment - Our artisan groups use sustainably managed local resources and all products are received by us via sea transport.

Promote Fair Trade and contribute to improving lives.