Fair Trade and Our Code of Ethics

Aksa Home Decor is proud to provide you with modern contemporary home and garden decor items while remaining attuned to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. This network empowers 2000+ artisans in marginalized communities throughout India.

Behind every product are people - artisans and their families. Unfortunately, many of them suffer from poor working & living conditions and social & economic inequality. We aim to change this along with our Fair Trade suppliers and producers.


What is our Fair Trade Model?

The aim of our model is to provide financial confidence to our artisans while cushioning them from sudden market fluctuations and product design changes, and to encourage the practise of their artforms which may be rendered to new modern designs popular in the Australian market.

The process starts with discussion on product designs, and 50% advance payment on the fair price set by our producers (we do not negotiate to bring these prices down as it is important to provide a fair wage to our craftsmen) to provide enough to cover initial costs of raw materials and handcraft production. Once the products have been handcrafted and are ready for shipment we complete the remaining payment before items are exported (mostly by sea to reduce our carbon footprint) to our Australia warehouse.

We are currently member of Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FToA) and are Endorsed Fair Trader of Australia.


Why does it matter if you buy Fair Trade?

Fair Trade products not only provide a fair wage to artisan community giving them the much needed financial security and dignity, but it also incorporates good practices to ensure we take care of our planet. In today's competitive global market, there is a lot of pressure to provide goods cheaper and faster. This model doesn't always lend well to taking care of the people and the planet. We aim to address this by following Fair Trade principles.

All of our products are made using sustainable or recycled materials. Most of our packaging is either using recycled materials or can be composted. We ship via Australia Post who invest in carbon-neutral deliveries.

You can read more on our "Did you know how your purchase makes a difference?" blog post.

What is Our Code of Ethics?

For our code of ethics, we have taken inspiration from Code of Ethics for members of the Australian Retailers Association

  • Integrity - We stand up for what we believe is right. If something is not right, then we try to fix that.
  • Follow the Law - We will never break or bend the regulation and laws of Australia or the county where our products are made to benefit us in any way
  • Be Fair & Kind, Show you care - We will always be fair to our artisans and customers in line with the ten commandments of Fair Trade
  • Strive Excellence - We will strive to provide the best quality product while taking care of our planet
  • Honesty and Transparency - We will be honest and true to our values, mission and commitments.