Collection: Bells & Chimes

Handcrafted Bells & Chimes made with love by expert artisans. Every time you hang one in your home, you pay tribute to the artisan who is determined to make a better life for themselves. Most of these beautifully crafted items are made from recycled and sustainable materials. Another reason for the environment warriors!

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10 principles of Fair Trade - Aksa Home Decor

Sustainable,Eco-Friendly, Handmade & Ethical Products

You no longer need to sacrifice design and functionality for sustainable quality products. Our collection will resonate with your personal & aesthetic style and ethos.

Fair Trade

Our product designs combine heritage and history with modernity without losing sight of the welfare of our artisans and our planet Earth. We are proud to operate on Fair Trade principles breaking ground in interior home decor in our own way.

100% Australian Owned

Nothing brings us more joy than to keep this shop within our family with no involvement of external investors. We hope to keep getting inspired by the world & people around us to fill us with ideas, great products, community service and delightful homes.