Upcycled Bone - Sustainable and Unique Material

Upcycled Bone - Sustainable and Unique Material

Upcycled Bone is one of the unconventional and sustainable raw materials that our artisans use for crafting wonderful jewellery and home decor items.

The artisans either purchase bone at a government-run bone market or use bones from naturally deceased animals. The market sources this material as by-products from farms, restaurants, and slaughterhouses throughout the local region. This is then upcycled or recycled into stunning, vibrant jewelry or unique contemporary home decor items.

Making Process

The incredibly intricate details required following steps, each requiring great attention to detail -
  • The artisans cut, sand, and smooth the bone to sculpt it as per the product design.
  • They then carve and etch delicate designs into the pieces.
  • Once the bone is shaped, the pieces are coloured with colour pigments or hand-paint with accents as desired.

Finished Products

Our products made using upcycled bone have played a big role in keeping bone from landfill and reducing the amount of methane that otherwise would have been produced.

Handmade Pearl White Bone Picture Frame - A pretty way to keep memories close by. This photo frame is made using Filigree art technique.

Hansa Bone and Brass Dangle Earrings - A fresh take on dangles for any occasion featuring brass and bone pieces.

Day and Night Jewellery Storage Box - A multi-tone bone design with brass inlay to separate the shades of the day and night.

Indradhanush Rainbow Tablet Book Adjustable Stand - Colourful wood and bone design have been handcrafted on this collapsible tablet and bookstand.

Nandi Smart Phone Dock - Grey, White and Brown - A neat way to keep your phone in sight and charge it in style

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