Style File | A Rainbow Chime for the perfect sounds

Style File | A Rainbow Chime for the perfect sounds

Highly idiosyncratic thanks to the handcrafted way this wind chime has been made using upcycled metal and cloths, this chime is a delightful find.

It tells the story of its makers and the sustainable raw materials used in crafting it. This elegant piece was handmade in India by a group of local skilled artisans aligning with the 10 principles of Fair Trade. Apart from offering the artisan community with a fair wage, many community welfare and medical camps are run for uplifting them and their families. The bell has been made from upcycled drums and the tassels are from repurposed sari cloth giving it a beautifully detailed look.



Elevate your garden decor with this decorative chime. Check out the Handmade Rainbow Chime here.

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