A new view - Why and What of Fair Trade

A new view - Why and What of Fair Trade

Everybody likes to shop - so why not do it in a way which ensures better opportunities to the product makers? Fair trade products enable feel-good shopping experience that helps the planet and people, isn't that perfect and a new view to adopt? 

In this incredible and unique world, sometimes it is difficult and overwhelming at the same time to find useful and effective ways of making a difference - to improve quality of life, to reduce clutter which pollutes and to find good gifts or homewares which are eco-friendly making them a better choice for you and our globe. The good news is that we can easily integrate this way of living by making conscious choices when possible by shopping in fair trade shops, donate things that we can and reduce or recycle whatever we can. While "Being in touch with natural world is crucial" (David Attenborough), being in touch with people around us and respecting & embracing our differences is equally important.

In our day-to-day lifestyle and environment where we are given countless opportunities and enjoy our great country Australia, it can be hard to pause and reflect on the fact that not everyone around the Earth is as fortunate to have such opportunities and our way of living. Whether they are in faraway countries or in nearby countries, we can certainly lend a helping hand and choose a kinder path in our connected world.

There are quite a few businesses, both big and small, which are paving the way for consumers to tread for a more humane way of living and appreciate the crafts & cultures of various indigenous societies. You can find fair trade products for almost everything these days - food, fashion, homeware, and beauty products.  

Our small business, Aksa Home Decor, offers various homeware items including garden decor, dining and kitchenware. We collaborate with artisans from developing nations like India to provide their crafts and traditional art forms in contemporary modern products for your use. 

We find happiness and content in trying to make positive change in the lives of our artisans like Ayaz (who is pictured here making Nandi Photo Frame)

Let's acknowledge that life is a big long beautiful journey where we meet all kinds of people who make this journey worthy and memorable, reshaping the rewriting the future for us, themselves and the one place we all call home - our planet Earth. Our ability to be kind to each other and resilience is the biggest asset that mankind has to make this world a fair place for everyone and we all are very much capable of doing that.


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