About Indian Chindi and Artisans

This item has been made using the traditional method of Chindi weaving. Chindi literally means 'torn cloth' in Hindi, the national language of India.

Chindi bags are made from old clothing – recycled and repurposed clothing is first sorted into colour piles and then torn into long strips of useable material.  Next, these strips are woven into colourful “plaits”. These plaits are then crafted into beautiful sustainable and eco-friendly bags.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the use of waste items to create useful products of higher value without breaking them into their base state and thus avoiding these from landfill. It is an understated but powerful way to avoid wastage. It should not be perceived as a means to avoid recycling items in a circular economy but as an attempt to create something useful with the potential to turn the trash into treasure. 

In the case of this bag, instead of tossing away the textile waste or discarded clothing, we have used it to weave these sturdy beauties that will last a long time.