Would you agree that every child deserves access to safe drinking water?

Would you agree that every child deserves access to safe drinking water?

Access to safe drinking water is a basic human need that should be available to everyone, including children. Water is essential for survival, growth, and overall well-being, making it a fundamental right for every child. Unfortunately, millions of children in India lack access to clean and safe drinking water, putting their health and lives at risk.

According to UNICEF, it is estimated that waterborne diseases have an economic burden of approximately USD 600 million a year in India. Groundwater from over 30 million access points supplies 85 percent of drinking water in rural areas and 48 percent of water requirements in urban areas.

Without access to clean water, children are more susceptible to waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, which can be fatal if left untreated. It also affects their ability to attend school regularly, as they may fall sick frequently. 

Ensuring access to safe drinking water for every child not only saves lives but also promotes their well-being and empowers them to reach their full potential. It is a matter of basic human rights and social justice. Governments, organizations, and individuals must come together to invest in infrastructure, education, and awareness to provide safe drinking water for every child, giving them a fair chance at a healthy and prosperous future.

We, at Aksa, want to ensure that children enjoy their lives (& not fall sick due to water-borne diseases), and attend school by having access to clean water. Our Fair Trade model helps to make a difference by providing water filtration systems to our artisans. Every child deserves access to clean and safe drinking water. No child should be left behind.

Pic: Susheel captured this on our visit to a village in North India.
Blog pic: Water filter donation drive for Aksa's artisans.


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