Winter 2023 Mood - Spruce Up Your Space with Ethical Collection

Winter 2023 Mood - Spruce Up Your Space with Ethical Collection

White is a fashionable and timeless choice for home decoration. Its versatility allows it to match any existing decor for a classic, modern look. White colour is the perfect way to make any room feel larger, fresh, and clean.

This cozy white winter mood board creates an atmosphere of serene coziness and comfort. Make your home snug and warm all winter long.

Winter Mood Items - Aksa Home Decor

Ceramic Wine Bottle Stopper, AUD 19.50. White Watering Jug, AUD 49.50. Hamsa Tealight Wood Holder, AUD 28.50. Blue White Jewellery Storage Box, AUD 59.50. Blue White Brown Picture Frame, AUD 52.50.


Our Fair Trade Handmade line is created in small batches, crafted using ethical practices to ensure sustainable production and create a better world. This collection of chic, fresh soothing colors will provide a stylish and inviting atmosphere in any home.

Buying these items supports our artisan community, and helps to create a more sustainable economy and future. With this perfect seasonal selection of hues, you can transform your home into a cozy winter paradise. Receive a unique piece, knowing that every purchase ensures that makers and producers are given fair wages, working in safe conditions. Enjoy quality and peace of mind knowing that you’ve done your part to help support a more sustainable world.

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