When was dice rolled for the first time?

When was dice rolled for the first time?

Dice is a small cube with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from one to six. These dice cubes are essential in most board games.



When were Dice games originated?

Small carved stones and dice unearthed in a nearly 5,000-year-old burial site in Turkey are considered to be the earliest gaming tokens ever found.

There are many mentions of board games and dice in cultures around the world. For example, In the great epic known as the Mahabharata there is mention of chaupad game played by Kaurav and Pandava dynasties. Chaupad game is made of cloth and is in the form of a cross. It is played using counters or 'men' that can move counterclockwise around a diagram according to throws of dice. This legend is mostly around the fourth century B.C. 


Where Dice always cubical in shape?

The dice of most of the early cultures were made in numerous shapes and sizes. Oblong or Stick dices are believed to be used in earlier board games. These are referred to as pasa since Indian Harappa civilization of the third millennium B.C.


What materials are used to make Dice?

Dices are usually made from plastic, wood, bones, glass or metal. 

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What Next?

Though the history of board games may date back to early human civilizations, the board game nights and events held today keep introducing people to the fun of tabletop games. 


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