What is Madhubani Artwork?

What is Madhubani Artwork?

Madhubani is a district in the state of Bihar, India. The district has a hill region of Nepal in its north and shares a border with district Darbhanga in the south, Sitamarhi in the west, and Supaul in the east. 

The folk art of Bihar is also commonly known as Madhubani. Madhubani derives its name from the abundance of honey that is found in nearby forests (Madhu, “honey”; bani, “forest”).

This paintwork is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns, scenes from mythology and celebration and symbols of fertility like the parrot, fish, elephant sun, bamboo tree or lotus. Traditionally done on mud walls and floors, this artwork is now available on cloth, handmade paper, and canvas. Let the vibrant colors of this magnificent art bring life to your home.

Madhubani painting is a wonderful addition to any home or office. It would be the perfect accent piece for a living or dining area, or even an office or study. The painting adds an exotic touch to any space, adding personality and sophistication.

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