What does Fair Trade mean in simple words?

What does Fair Trade mean in simple words?

This post answers the question: "What does Fair Trade mean?", providing an overview of the concept and its benefits. Learn about fair wages, working conditions, sustainable production, and ethical business practices. Get an understanding of how Fair Trade is contributing to greater economic justice and a more sustainable world.

Overview of the concept and its benefits

Fair Trade is an ethical approach to buying and selling goods, ensuring equitable trade conditions for producers and consumers. It seeks to eliminate exploitative practices from global supply chains, instead providing working wages and safe conditions for employees.

  • Fair wages - Fair wages are a key component of ethical labor practices. By providing fair wages, we ensure artisans are receiving equitable compensation for their efforts, creating an environment of admiration and respect.
  • Working conditions - Working conditions are essential for a safe and productive workspace. Our artisans are provided with the highest standards of safety are met so that they can handcraft various items with a peace of mind.
  • Sustainable production - Sustainable production is a method of production that minimizes environmental damage and preserves natural resources. By investing in sustainable practices, Aksa reduces its environmental impact in the long-term.
  • Ethical business practices - Ethical business practices are essential to create Aksa as a sustainable business. Adopting ethical practices enables more responsible decision making and protects the interests of our customers, and artisans.


Fair Trade is an important part of creating a more equitable and sustainable global economy. By providing artisans with better prices, more stable markets, and access to development, it offers a positive alternative to traditional trading methods. Its benefits are wide-reaching, from improved livelihoods to responsible environmental practices. 

By buying Fair Trade, you can help make a better world!

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