This Bookend is clearly inspired by my Bike Travels

This Bookend is clearly inspired by my Bike Travels

I have always loved the thrill of a bike-ride - the wind, the slow motion of the world passing by, the dreamy journeys and of course, the joy of exercising without realising it! Since childhood, I have found my refuge in cycling. I recall the sweet break from the tense and stressful school days spend in preparing for an upcoming exams. My cycle and me have travelled far, for pleasure and for just commuting in general. I have often used it to go to office, pick kids from the childcare, grocery shopping and to run other errands. 

It is no surprise that this Bicycle Bookends' thoughtful and clever design makes me relive all those memories. A basket was a little delight to keep a few things close on my adventures, aka, handbag, phone, and even books!

Uniquely crafted to please the eye with an industrial look, these chic black bicycle bookends are the perfect gift for the book & bike lover in your life. Anti-skid and handcrafted, these bookends bring a modern yet tasteful edge to any home or office. Stylish and sophisticated, their intricate design make them a timeless classic. Impress your guests with this fair trade piece of art!



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