The Sari Journey - From Elegant Drapes to Unconventional Homeware

The Sari Journey - From Elegant Drapes to Unconventional Homeware

Sari or Saree is a beautiful 6-yard rectangle piece of colourful garment which is draped by women from India and Indian subcontinent. There are many regional draping techniques, a wide choice of fabrics and designs to make this garment truly versatile. 

While most women in India wear the sari in the familiar front-pleated style known as the nivi drape, more than 100 variations are known to exist across the country.

No matter how much a garment has been worn eventually it will be draped for the last time. Fortunately, these saris can be upcycled to make vivid vibrant fashion accessories like bags, basket handles, tassels, and necklaces.

Artisans in India wash and repair the secondhand saris before transforming them into gorgeous accessories which have a connection to the land.






The love for sari is rooted in our love for India’s craft heritage and is well reflected in the modern functional accessories that it continues to adorn even after its last drape. 

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