Living Life: Are you kind to yourself?

Living Life: Are you kind to yourself?

When you dislike something or find it difficult to do something, you may use negative statements such as "I hate this" or "I don't believe I can do this". This can simply be a spontaneous response, however it is important to keep in mind that we are hearing the words we are speaking, so it is essential to be gentle with ourselves.

Your next response may be one of positivity, however, prior to that, you may have sent signals to your brain indicating that the task is painful, undesirable, or uncomfortable. This could have caused a mental resistance to the task, which can be difficult to overcome.


We have a few tips to overcome this internal voice:

  1. Pause & Reflect - Before speaking the first thought that comes to your mind, pause and give it a minute.
  2. Rephrase - Try to twist the words of that negative thought, or say nothing at all!
  3. Add a dose of positivity - Follow up your thoughts with a few encouraging positive words like "This is difficult for me to do. I am sure I will find a way to handle this."
  4. You can even write those thoughts on a paper and get rid of that paper. Think of it as dumping that negative thought forever and not holding it close.

A diary (pictured"Red Cotton Paper Journal" ) is perfect to write away those lingering thoughts.



Being aware of our thoughts, reactions and frame of mind is a form of kindness to self. Sometimes we are kind to others but forget to be kind to ourselves. Remember, love starts from within and then it spreads to engulf all around us.

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