Let There be Light: Unique Candle Holders to set the mood

Let There be Light: Unique Candle Holders to set the mood

Light up your space with Candles

People have a relationship with candles since long; for breaking the darkness with light, and also for illuminating our homes for wellness and relaxation. An insight report states that 85% of scent shoppers used home scents in 2020 with candles leading the category. 

Scented or not, candles are the easiest standby to change the mood of the room, be it festive, cosy or warm. Candles can stir up all good memories of a family dinner, Christmas festivities, and feel-good moments.

A handmade candle holder to hold these beautiful candles elevates your home. These candle holders are made by artisans in India to help you celebrate everyday moments with an immaculate aesthetic.


9 Candle Antiqued Iron Lamp Holder

This engraved candle holder has space for 9 candles. It is brimming with craftsmanship as shown on the artwork carved by artisans using hand tools. It has used recycled metal making it earth-friendly. Perfect to place near windows, dinner tables, or as a centerpiece this piece would imbue your home with rustic touch.



Wrought Iron Menorah Hanukkah Candle Holder

This exquisite candle holder was crafted employing only hand tools used by expert artisans in our fair trade workshops in India providing them with financial independence. This is also an affectionate nod to the Hanukkah festival of the Jewish tradition.




You would love to illuminate your space with these charming handcrafted holders with preserve the traditional skills on Indian artisans.

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