India Trip, June 2022: Meet and Greet with our Artisan Producer

India Trip, June 2022: Meet and Greet with our Artisan Producer

In the June 2022 trip to Delhi, India, I had the privilege to meet the artisan producer and community based in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The building from which they operate was strikingly simple from outside with security guards greeting at the door. However, let me assure you that the work that is done there is grand by purpose with a dedication to reclaimed, recycled and eco-friendly materials and deep respect to community.

Pic: the humble building


The premise was thoughtfully divided into various sections to accommodate different work usages and safety procedures. I could see a lot of activities going on in the packaging section and masterful precision by makers in giving final touches of colours to some creations in another section. There was so much work on the same floor carried out by skilful staff and artisans in terms of craftsmanship, product and packaging design & thinking. There was a calm and character to the way everyone approached their assigned tasks with utmost sincerity. I am sure it has found its way to each and every product that was created, designed, and packaged there.

Pic: Artisans refining their creations


Pic: Quality Check team - usually 2-3 people manually inspect each and every detail and aspect of the product to ensure that only the best one is passed on to the packaging team for wrapping in recycled paper, and boxes using eco-friendly packaging tape. They do understand that the smallest details can leave a lasting impression.


Pic: Packaging team is busy in their work


It was surreal to see a collection of varied home and garden decor pieces which were steeped in tradition yet tethered to modern designs, being packaged to be send across the globe to many peer fair trade shops and small businesses like Aksa. I was witness to the synergy between craftsmanship and functional designs, led by an organic and natural approach towards creating a better place without causing any harm to our natural world.

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