Focus on Teresa: A slow-fashion blogger who loves the power of Handmade

Focus on Teresa: A slow-fashion blogger who loves the power of Handmade

In recent years, we have changed our focus to handmade gifts which add a touch of elegance and our own personality. Whether it is to move away from lavish fashion trends to hand-knitted garments or move from factory-made gifts which pay poorly to the people who made them, to fair trade eco-friendly gifts, the new generation is vocal and unapologetic to express their thoughts and appreciation for the beautiful world that we love in. 

Teresa Lin of Knitted by the Sun lives and breaths this sustainable journey. She is a slow-fashion blogger who embraces knitting for a fulfilling and creative way of living, and supports sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing style.

Believing that a single average human can make a big difference in leading a eco-friendly life, Teresa shares her experience, ideas, products recommendations with others to inspire them in making smart choices which are better for them and the planet.

She learned knitting in high school on an exchange trip to Norway where her host mother taught her this skill. Life got busy afterwards, and Teresa lost touch until the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when she re-ignited this hobby. The more she spent time on this amazing pastime, the more she enjoyed the process. During this journey, she also started questioning fast fashion choices and about the fast fashion industry e.g. the chain of production, the environmental impact of different materials such as wool, polyester, mohair, etc. 

Pic: Teresa's calm space when taking a break from knitting, featuring Ardhan Tea Light Holder

Teresa is now progressively aware about the consequences of fast fashion over the years. She has remodeled her thinking and approach towards fashion and wants society to rethink the way it consumes fashion. She understands that sometimes our busy lives do not provide us with the time to question our choices and search for solutions, but she truly believes that it is important for communities to be aware of how various items we use on a daily basis are made, and the makers who have made those items.

She become a slow-fashion blogger to make this kind of information easier to access and also to encourage others to think critically about what, why and how of what they consume. She hopes to design her own clothing patterns some day, and continue to produce content about slow fashion that showcases what a wonderful process it is. 

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