Design Inspiration: Dance of Good and Evil

Design Inspiration: Dance of Good and Evil

Home to over a billion people, India has different regions defined by its individual artistic tradition, language, dress code, religious and cultural traditions. In Spite of these differences, shared social systems and religious beliefs are the cohesive force uniting the entire population.

Although there are more than a million deities in Hinduism, the major cults focus on: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Devi or Shakti. Hindu mythology revolves around good and evil, creation and destruction. According to Hindu scripture good is represented by purity, light, balance, immortality, order, virtue and selflessness. Evil is represented by impurity, darkness, imbalance or extremity, chaos, sinful conduct, and selfishness. Hinduism doesn't state that good and evil cannot coexist. In fact, these virtues can be within the same person manifesting itself in the way the person reacts to a situation or environment. Even a few deities have a dark side, which occasionally emerges; the goddess Devi/Shakti appears in opposite avatars as Parvati and Kali. 

The goddess Parvati (her name originates from word Parvata, meaning "mountain") is the consort of Hindu god, Shiva. Born the daughter of a mountain king called Himalaya, she won Shiva’s affection only after undergoing severe ascetic discipline. Mythologically, Parvati is considered a representation of Shakti, female energy. She is depicted as the civilizing, domesticating force who complements Shiva's asceticism. Her sculptures are sometimes carved with third eye, symbolizing transcendental wisdom and are often with Shiva.

The goddess Kali (black - the literal interpretation of Kali) is another aspect of the great goddess Devi and symbolizes both the creative and destructive powers of time. She is usually depicted with garland of severed heads, carrying a cleaver in one hand and a severed head in another. Her dark complexion suggests the dissolution of individually in the  timeless darkness which is filled with the potential of new life. In many mythological tales, she triumphs over the attributes of ignorance and evil.

The balance between god and evil provides source of artistic inspiration, as demonstrated by images and narratives in books, theatre, dance, music, and home decor items. 

Expressed through a few of our handmade products, we acknowledge these aspects through these striking and outstanding examples of design, workmanship and craft.

Day and Night Jewellery Storage Box

A simple yet elegant wood & bone box to organise whatever you need to keep out of sight and safely tucked away.



Ardhan Tea Light Holder 

A beautiful and impressive tea light holder to dramatically lit up your house for a relaxed and calm evening.

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