Basket Weaving Art from Bhadohi

Basket Weaving Art from Bhadohi

Bhadohi is a city in Uttar Pradesh in North India. The city is known for magnificent rugs and pretty functional baskets. The busy streets and piles of handmade products make it easy to see why Bhadohi is known as the “Carpet Belt” in India.

Basket weaving technique has evolved over the centuries and is passed from one generation to another. This beautiful craft involves making baskets out of Moonj (a monsoon grass).



Moonj is harvested in the winter months and is dried in the sun before it is dyed in vibrant colours. The coloured grass is then dried in the shade. Motifs are woven by local artisans using different colour strands of grass. Later knots and coiling are employed to create different products like baskets, table mats, trays, toys, and dolls. These products provide a good quality substitute to plastic items, provide employment to artisans assisting in rural inclusivity and reach to global markets. 


We feel grateful to play a part in this process. Hope you enjoy these one-of-a-kind products.


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