Handmade Indian Fair Trade Decor vs Big Store Decor - why handmade is better?

Handmade Indian Fair Trade Decor vs Big Store Decor - why handmade is better?

Your home is your favourite fantasy which you would want to drip with charm. A lot of things together make this home a sweet home. With so many options available, you may wonder whether a handmade decor item is suitable or a store-bought factory-made item?

Let's quickly go through a checklist and a few points which may help you in making this decision.

The Benefits of Factory-Made Decor

Does the popularity of mass-produced decor mean it's somehow superior to the handmade? The answer to this question depends on what you actually want and what are the ethics & values of the supplier making the products in his factory.

Here are a few points to consider when thinking of factory-made decor:

Price Point:

Factory-made items are cheaper alternatives when they are made in bulk and do not provide fair wages to the makers. If you dig deeper, many big companies pay poorly to their workers, and do greenwashing marketing to get their sales numbers up. A bit of background check goes a long way in understanding if their values match yours. 


With handmade, you are sometimes limited to the art of the possible given the tools that are used, skills of artisans & their upskilling and environmental impact. That's why factory made decor may be able to keep up with the trends quickly. Most of the big brands do not consider the "throw-away" culture when they are producing vases as cheap as $4. The idea is to get as many choices as possible in front of the consumer cheaply and quickly.

Fair trade social enterprises are often small & conscious businesses which react to trends that stay awhile and let short term trends pass.


The Benefits of Handmade Decor

If you want to bring a character and history to your dwelling, then you can not go wrong with hand-crafted decorative accents for timeless, classic and a touch of modern. You have varied options - from cosy and comforting to vibrant lively statement pieces.

Let's look at some benefits of hand-crafted products made by our Fair Trade artisan partners.

Curated Collection:

When a small business like Aksa stocks handmade collections, then the products are usually designed in-house and hand-crafted in small batches. This lends a unique variation to each piece which blends very well to the experience of your space to make it special. 

Think of it as a mini-makeover for a corner of your home!


Mass-produced decor may cost less but remember there is a hidden cost that you pay in terms of environmental impact.

Our indian home decorations are authentic and true to the spirit of nature. We use only legal sourced sustainable timber, recycled or repurposed materials, non-toxic paints, and cruelty-free raw materials.

The natural colours add a sense of warmth and texture to any basic space, elevating it in style and personality. 

Gives Back to the Makers: 

Fair Trade businesses not only provide fair wage to the artisans but also invest in health camps, educational support and workshop capacity improvements. This ensures a holistic better environment for the artisan community.


Handmade Decor Wins

When it comes to lasting value, clever design and a timeless beauty, handmade home decor will win your heart and home. However, this is not to undermine the attention that factory home decor gets. After all, both of such decors together can create a dynamic infusion of contemporary and classic to create a fresh look. Be sure to check that your factory made decor supplier does follow at least 6 out of the 10 Fair Trade principles.  

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