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About Us

"A Handcrafted Take on Contemporary Style"

Aksa (अक्स) means Soul in Hindi Language



Welcome to Aksa Home Decor. We’re so glad you’ve discovered us! Here at Aksa, you’ll find a number of handmade homeware / home decor accessories and jewellery items.

Taking inspiration from the rich and diverse culture of the Indian civilization that has enriched itself with best of crafts and techniques over the centuries of its existence, we wish to provide your with exceptional quality products from our mother land, India. If you are looking for Indian handicrafts online in Australia, then you should browse through our collection to find unique artworks.

We are 100% Australian owned family business run by a dynamic couple who believe in bringing a social change to the in lives of marginalized communities by bringing people and cultures closer together through our collection.

You can feel good about supporting skilled artisans who can practise their heritage by bringing into life contemporary home decor products which are used in modern Australian homes.  

“Art is the truth delivered through the medium of beauty.” – Mahadevi Verma

India has a world of different cultures, beliefs, religions and languages within itself. Different states have varying styles of craftsmanship and techniques. Many art forms like Madhubani Painting, Tanjore Painting, Warli Art, Mughal Painting, Kalamkari, Gond Painting, Brass sculptures, Jaipur hand blocks are well-known and well-loved in western countries.


"I am like a drop of water on a rock. After drip, drip, dripping in the same place, I begin to leave a mark, and I leave my mark in many people's hearts." - Rigoberta Menchu tum


With your help, we can provide dignity and confidence to many Indian artisans who weave magic and love to various consciously crafted items.  


Why choose Aksa? 

  • We are a family owned business, thus a small team which gives us freedom and flexibility to create one of a kind products which are sure to impress
  • Our roots are based in India, keeping us close to the artisans who create the products and keeping us humble & grounded to make a difference in their lives
  • All of our products are sourced via Fair Trade organisations ensuring we play our part in giving back to the communities where the founders grew, traveled and took inspiration from.
  • We believe in bringing people and cultures closer together to celebrate our oneness despite differences in traditions, art forms and heritage.

Join us to create a better and kind world together.