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Handcrafted Black Bicycle Bookends, Industrial look Anti Skid, Gift for Book Lover

Handcrafted Black Bicycle Bookends, Industrial look Anti Skid, Gift for Book Lover

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Handcrafted bookends to hold precious books upright.

Beautifully hand-carved out of Indian iron, these bookends are excellent for holding up your favourite books. Perfect for collectors or decorators alike, carvers painstakingly extract detailed designs from the metal, creating a work of art that can also be functional in your home. These handcrafted bookends are just what you need to showcase your library and collectables. These are lovely to look at and are sure to win your heart. Perfect for the bookworm or the avid/occasional reader.

With this pair of gorgeous Fair Trade bookends, you'll draw strength and warmth into your home with all eyes drawn to them on any bookshelf! 

A unique gift for your bicycle-riding family and friends, these have a timelessness that is sure to please anyone who loves the simplicity of life on two wheels. Classic lines, expert craftsmanship, quality materials - what more could you want?

Featured in Women Who Cycle’s Christmas gifts 2021 for female roadies - It wouldn’t be a gift list without a novelty item like these bookends. I have quite a few bicycle-inspired ornaments and images around my home and enjoy glimpsing them when I’m not on the bike.


  • Handcarved by expert artisans
  • Made from Iron
  • Anti-skid layer underneath each bookend
  • Fair Trade
  • Made in India
  • Black colour
  • Set of 2
  • Decorative and functional in allowing yourself to display and organise a cluster of books
  • Gift Idea for the bicycle enthusiast - adult and teen alike
  • Gift for Book Lover
  • Suitable for modern, industrial or minimalist home decor 



  • Size: 20.50 x 6.50 x 18 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 900 gm



  • Due to the nature of hand-made products, kindly expect slight imperfections. This is not a defect and "Handcrafted Black Bicycle Bookends - Industrial look, Anti-Skid" are non-refundable due to this reason.
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth


About Indian Metal Craft & Artisans

Metalwork is one of the many crafts that provide economic opportunities for artisans. Nevertheless, it has existed for centuries in India with its roots dating back to approx. 5,000 years in the ancient Mohenjo-Daro civilization of the Indus Valley.

Artisans mainly use metals like brass, copper, bronze, iron, and silver which are durable and lend themselves well to delicate designs and patterns. 

The traditional methods of sand casting & lost wax (locally known as Dhokra) methods are mostly employed in this field. Techniques like engraving, carving, enamelled, etched or soldering with other metal pieces to create vividly designed beautiful metal objects.

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