Why Aksa Watering Cans are the best?

  • Fair Trade - Aksa is a fair trade shop. This means every watering can has been lovingly crafted by an artisan in return for economical independence, welfare and community engagement. Read more about the 10 Fair Trade principles.
  • Hand Made: Our range of watering can is entirely handmade using hand tools and traditional craftsmanship passed down generations. This means each piece is unique in its own beautiful and warm way in terms of design and beauty.
  • Eco friendly, Sustainable Raw Materials: All of our watering cans have been handcrafted in India using recycled metal.

  • Our range of quality watering cans come in different patterns and colours to provide with a choice of selecting one that suits best your need and purpose. Whether shopping for a family member, friend, or yourself, one of our watering cans is the way to go!