Why we do not provide heavy discounts?

Why we do not provide heavy discounts?

Our sales approach does not rely heavily on discounts in order to stand out from the competition that we face in the market, often from large retailers or businesses that may not be working according to the Fair Trade principles.

Sometimes, this can translate to less sales as a certain consumer base may like to shop elsewhere due to discount and promotional offerings provided by other companies.

However, we do not wish to follow such a sales approach. There are a few reasons behind this way of working.

  • We want to build our brand on quality, uniqueness and functional product range while continuing to be a Fair Trader of Australia and New Zealand.
  • We wish our consumers to be proud of the impact that we make in the lives of many and to appreciate the work done by our partner artisans
  • We partner with artisan groups or producers in India, providing an introduction to the global marketplace. The money that we make is utilised towards marketing, sales, product designing, operations and artisan welfare throughout the year. The more we make, the more we are able to give back to the community via the welfare programs, and via donations to registered charities like Greening Australia.
We welcome you to join us in bringing lasting change to local and overseas communities, by not promoting products that often encourage the cycle of over-consumption, poor working conditions, bad environmental impact and poverty. After all, these artisans want a  purpose, opportunity and hope - just like all of us.
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