Easy way to light up your space - Tea Light Holders

Easy way to light up your space - Tea Light Holders

Hindu traditions are closely tied to the religious beliefs and culture of the region. Fire is worshipped and considered a deity in its own - as it destroys and then creates anew. Most of the religious ceremonies involve offering prayer to Fire God, and lighting up evenings with diyas (clay pots lit with tea lights, or wick and ghee/oil) to ward off evil. Whether it is a worship ritual, an auspicious occasion or offering final rites to deceased, no prayer is complete without Fire. In fact, many Hindus believe that one should not blow away diyas with their breath as it disrespectful and should use their hands or candle snuffer instead.

The Hindu festival Diwali is often referred to as "Festival of Lights". One can observe a line up of candles/diyas in every Hindu house on the festival evening though in modern times, these have often been replaced by LED lights and other decorative lights. These beautiful diyas/lights are symbolic of the journey to enlightenment and are believed to illuminate the path for Hindu deities (Lakshmi and Ganesh) visiting each home on the auspicious night, warding off the evil that may become active on the new moon night.

Many of us like to brighten up our house with tealights and candles to bring style and warm relaxing ambience in our everyday space. Different fragrances may evoke wistful fond memories or may simply soothe our ever-wandering fickle mind or may even transport you mentally to a place you wanted to visit since long.

There are a flood of options available on the market for candle and tea light holders. We have added a few interesting designs to our product portfolio. Let your immediate environment dictates your mood with these beautiful quirky accessories. These make for a great gifting option (think stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift) or as an addition to your dresser.

  •  Ardhan Tea Light - Created in popular "ying-yang" pattern, this is perfect for your room table.







    Go ahead and add these feel-good home accessory to your home heaven.
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