You would love this self-confessed jewelry geek’s Keepsake

You would love this self-confessed jewelry geek’s Keepsake

This elegantly handcrafted Folding Jewellery box offers a unique way to store and showcase your favourite pieces. With an elephant engraving, it's crafted to look beautiful on your dresser and features three separate storage drawers to ensure your jewellery or trinkets stays safe and organised.

Inspiration of this keepsake came from the elephant motif and the fold-out style. The simple design has been skillfully executed by artisans using hand tools.


This artfully designed box is made from sustainable mango wood for a guaranteed unique and eye-catching look. Your jewels and this box are a match made in heaven.

Bring a touch of elegance to your home or office with the 3 Drawer Folding Jewellery Box, handcrafted with expert care using ethically sourced mango wood. The stylish elephant pattern and beautiful workmanship make this magnificent piece a sight to behold, while its multiple drawers and folding design offer an impressive multi-purpose storage solution. Not only will it bring you joy, it will make you feel good knowing you're supporting the environment and people who need it most!

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