Let's Understand these Terms: Sustainability & Ethical shopping

Let's Understand these Terms: Sustainability & Ethical shopping

If you consider yourself as green-savvy consumer, you may have come across the terms - Sustainability and Ethical shopping - in some context or the other. In this blog, we wish to explain these terms briefly.

  • Sustainability is an all-inclusive term that aims to ensure we maintain Earth's resources for future generations so that people and the planet can exist in a balance. For example, use of upcycled bone or mango wood for jewellery or home decor products preventing them from ending in a landfill.

 Medium Tree of Life Wood Jewellery Box


  • Ethical shopping focuses mainly on social altruism and the rights of workers minus the devastating business practices. For example, in partnership with our artisan groups we conduct regular health camps for artisan communities.


When you buy from our shop you can purchase knowing the legwork has been done for you to do an ethical and sustainable shopping. Browse through our beautiful insta-worthy products hand-crafted with details at a price fair for the artisan and for the consumer (you).

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