Is a Yin Yang Tealight Candle Holder Right for You?

Is a Yin Yang Tealight Candle Holder Right for You?

So, how is this Ying Yang Tealight Candle Holder empowering? There is a quick list!

  1. It brings balance to your home with its stylish dual-tone
  2. It is crafted out of eco-friendly wood which has been sustainably harvested. This means no illegal deforestation 
  3. It is engraved by hand using simple tools to create a unique design, that adds a touch of sophistication to any ambiance.
  4. It provides fair wage (a wage beyond the minimum wage) to the artisans
  5. Apart from a fair wage, it helps us support other causes like children school education
  6. It keeps the traditional art form of wood engraving alive, ensuring it does get passed down to future generations

Handmade with love, this unique tealight candle holder brings the beauty of the yin and yang to your home. Showcase your love of interiors, environment and community with this beautiful and meaningful piece.

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