India Solo Trip, June 2022: Sariska

India Solo Trip, June 2022: Sariska

After almost two years (blame COVID for this), I went to India for a month long stay, visits to friends, family, and artisans and to savour various foods while making a tonne of new memories. One of the amazing short trips on this visit was to Sariska.

Sariska is approx. 110 km from Jaipur in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. I have spend many weekends in the Pink city, Jaipur but this time we were in the mood to explore this tourist destination.

I stayed with my cousin and a long time friend in Sterling Resort there. It was a hot day as you would expect an Indian summer to be in June. One can expect to be drenched in sweat when day breaks with temperature of 30 celsius! 

Pic: You can see the Aravali mountains in this view of the resort garden.

Sariska Garden

A few peacocks and lots of greenery awaited our arrival in the resort providing a welcome respite from the dusty long highway. We choose to spend some of the day time inside the resort room to escape the sun. However, the sun gave way to balmy evening in a few hours allowing us to enjoy the surroundings and the company of my gang. The sounds of peacocks and other native birds was detox to the soul and a break from the hassles of a city life.

Pic: A peacock roaming freely



The trip may have been short (2 days and 1 night) but it was a great reminder of the vast landscape India has. Cheers to many more trips and places with loved ones over the next few days. Will keep you posted on my little adventures!

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