Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiast

Gift Ideas for Travel Enthusiast

Travel often offers us a different and enlightening perspective, after all our surroundings have a big impact on the way we feel. With the challenges of a global pandemic and travel restrictions, we may have not to be able to travel the world but we can certainly explore Australia - the sixth-largest nation in the world, full of beautiful landscapes and fabulous places. There are so many regions to visit and explore in any season, alone / with family / with kids, ranging from short day walks to longer adventures suited to your situation.
Travel Enthusiast love getting out into nature and enjoy its photogenic beauty. We have compiled a list of gift ideas for the indefatigable traveler.


  • Engraved World Map Jewellery Box - If you have stocked up on pretty little jewellery pieces on your travels and are wondering about the best way to store them, this jewellery box made from ethically sourced Indian mango wood would be a perfect fit. The lid conceals stacked compartment which works best for organising the different items neatly. 


    • Engraved World Map Spice Rack/Box - If you love to try cuisines you have savoured on your exploratory journeys, then this spice box will provide useful when you re-create the magic aromas and taste in your home kitchen. Treat yourself to the gastronomic delights in the comfort of your space and recall all the favourite memories from the time that went by. 



    • Handcrafted Bicycle Bookends - If you enjoy exploring nature by cycling on the tracks and trails, then this bookend attempts to remind you of all those energetic rides and unparalleled views. They would amazingly hold all the travel journals from various trips within your easy reach allowing you to unfold those times with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.




    • Leather Motorbike Passport Holder - For those you can't image life without travel and adventure, a stylish holder for their passport is handy. You may not be using your passport for domestic trips, but nevertheless the passport is a must for exhilarating adventures that await us when COVID-19 situation is in control. 




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