Bring a touch of Indian Culture in your life

Bring a touch of Indian Culture in your life

It is popularly known that Humans are social animals. We live and thrive in an inter-connected society. Through out the globe, we have so many different cultures, crafts, cuisines, beliefs and values to share, experience and learn.

While there are many countries which offer these to the world, our artisans are based in India - a nation known for its flamboyant colours, spicy food, religious & cultural diversity and wild native flora & fauna (think elephants, lions, pea cocks, lotus, etc.).

A nation of 1.4 billion people, India has its own challenges and opportunities for it's population. Majority of its citizens continue to live in small towns, cities and villages. Not to underestimate the sheer size of the land - there are 28 states and 8 union territories in the country, each with its own history and culture, way of dressing, festivals, language, cuisine etc. This provides a huge and diverse bred-ground for many art forms and crafts.

Handicrafts are the creative products made by the skill of the hand without the help of modern machinery and equipment. Amongst the wide range of handicrafts, metalwork, leather work, wood carving are some of the popular crafts in India. 

Our shop partners with Fair Trade organisations in order to provide unique hand-crafted items reflecting the centuries old Indian traditions and art forms. There is still a long way to go for poverty alleviation, bringing education to every neighbourhood and healthcare but it is a step for change we wish to bring to the community with support and help from our partners and you.

Bring a touch of Indian Culture in your life fuelling hope, light and happiness to those who deserve better and have the will to improve their situation & life. 

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