A Quick Room Refresh: Kids Bedroom or Playroom

A Quick Room Refresh: Kids Bedroom or Playroom

Adorable kids and beautiful rooms - don't we love to pamper our offspring often. There are so many ways to let the creative juices flow when it comes to decorating the kids’ room. Whether it is the neutral tones or vibrant colourful hues, the possibilities are endless.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is functionality as this room can serve many purposes - it can be study room, play room, place to sleep, and sometimes where kids like to eat. While kid-friendly furniture is a must, there is plenty of room for personal touches or a few accessories/toys which your children love to cherish. Teddy bears, wall prints, books, a cheerful bedsheet, curtain or rug, wallpaper  - there is no rule and somehow everything goes together!

In the below photo, the child is lying on the Hand-Knotted Chindi Rug while reading a book held by Tree of Life Tablet and Book Adjustable Stand 

Photographed - Hand-Knotted Chindi Rug and Tree of Life Tablet and Book Adjustable Stand. Room & Decor - Stylist's Own.

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