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  • Antique Patina Brass Hand Magnifier - Turtle Decorative Accents Asha Handicrafts
  • Antique Patina Brass Hand Magnifier - Turtle Decorative Accents Asha Handicrafts
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Antique Patina Brass Hand Magnifier - Turtle

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This hand-held brass magnifier features a turtle - a symbol of good fortune - that has been brushed with antique patina to resemble an old treasure. The intricate carving will certainly embellish and enliven your office desk or home desk decor with its splendid beauty. 

Oozing rustic charm, this brass turtle with black & green patina magnifier is perfect for stamp and coin collectors, artwork, hobbies, crafts, or simply to adorn your desk. 

With its attractive appearance, easy grip and precise magnification level, this compact tool is sure to become your faithful sidekick as you enjoy all those intricate projects awaiting your attention.



  • Antique brass patina finish
  • Magnifier glass
  • Features Turtle, a symbol of good fortune
  • Meticulously handcrafted, rich in texture and global in design
  • A useful and functional gift
  • Fair Trade product
  • Made in India



  • Approx. Length from Head to Tail = 135 mm, Approx. Diameter (without legs) = 85 mm
  • Magnifying glass Power +5, Focal Length 20 cm, Magnifying version 2.25X



  • Due to the nature of hand-made products, kindly expect slight imperfections. This is not a defect and "Antique Patina Brass Hand Magnifier - Turtle" is non-refundable due to this reason.


About Indian Metal Craft & Artisans

Indian Handicraft industry provides livelihood to many artisans. Amongst the wide range of handicrafts, metalwork is one of the popular crafts in India. Some popular techniques can be traced back 5,000 years to the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley Civilization.

Artisans mainly use metals like brass, copper, bronze, iron, silver which are durable and lend themselves well to delicate designs and patterns. 

The traditional methods of sand casting & lost wax (locally known as Dhokra) methods are mostly employed in this field. Techniques like engraved, carved, enamelled, etched or soldered with other metal pieces to create vividly designed beautiful metal objects.