Turn off the TV, and Tune in to Game Night!

Turn off the TV, and Tune in to Game Night!

These holidays or the coming weekend, get the gang together for a fun game night! It would be great way to stay away from electronics - phone, ipads, TV, VR, video games, etc. - and get social - the way we all would love. The various board games and other physical games are a way to form a social and personal connection that just can't be replicated on screen. They can improve our cognitive functions, interpersonal skills and infuse motivation. What a fun way to interact!

Decorate the living area or the family area with some rugs, throws, pillows, candles and of course good food & lots of games. You can even invite and play with your neighbours as an antidote to loneliness.

Here are a few classic timeless games that are never out of fashion.





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