Our Favourite Garden Accessories

Our Favourite Garden Accessories

Garden lovers enjoy the greenery of their plants, the calm and serene environment that provides a break from the hustle-bustle of our daily busy lives. Every season provides an opportunity to dig into the dirt and plant some seeds that are wanting to grow. Ah, don't we love dirt, bugs, and flowers galore? 

This also means that we can decorate our garden - whether indoors or outdoors - with some special picks, from watering cans to the terracotta planter to lovely decorations. Read on for more.


1. Ditch the plastic cans for this beautiful watering can to take care of the water requirements of your beloved plants. 100% handmade to create a magical rustic look which is sure to mesmerise people and the plants!




2. Reconnect with the wonders of the sky with this rustic moon chime which has upcycled sari tassels. Your plants would be thrilled to have this chime for company.

You can also check out the latest in chimes like sun, rainbow and hamsa






3. This intricate hand-painted bell is made from upcycled iron lending it a unique look which is hard to find elsewhere. This is sure to WOW.



4. Take life easy and slow with this cute turtle planter. Breathe easy and enjoy life because the past never comes back. 



5. Elephants are magnificent animals that are known to be wise and gentle. Bring this emotional creature to your living room with this succulent planter crafted using the ancient pottery methods of India.




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