Gorgeous and Sparkling Memories

Gorgeous and Sparkling Memories

COVID has changed our plans for past, present and future. Celebration days and work days are not exactly how they used to be.

Zoom calls have increased, as have videos of our loved ones going about their hobbies or everyday lives. The moments to cherish are more to be treasured now than ever.

Time spent in the kitchen has increased as well, calling us to dust off our recipe books and cookbooks. This has also brought back fond memories of cooking with our parent, grandparents or carers while growing up, learning and baking. A few ingredients, stories and lots of laughter whether in person or on Zoom, and a good recipe - and life is hopefully good again.

For those wishing to keep their hands free, our handmade tablet and cookbook stand is all you need. Transform your space and choose either Tree of Life pattern or simple florals. Both these adjustable and collapsible stands are made from sustainably sourced wood wit handmade love


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