Engraving - a Traditional Art form & This World Map Keepsake Box

Engraving - a Traditional Art form & This World Map Keepsake Box

At Aksa, we embrace decor made using sustainable materials and by hand. 

With every item that we ask our artisans to create, we support their livelihood and assist them to uphold their generation-passed skills and craftsmanship. Artisans living in Saharanpur city, North India have made this engraved jewellery box that is sure to bring style and sophistication to your home.

Hand-engraving is a traditional art that requires planning, precision, and perseverance to provides exquisite detail and lasting quality. School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Canberra has found evidence of engraving in 500,000-year-old fossilised shell!

Since the invention of industrial machines, the speed and efficiency of engraving at a lower cost alongside the rising demand for fast and inexpensive products, has had a significant impact on the artisans. In the city of Saharanpur, wood engraving is practiced by many families using the knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation. This has been made possible due to the effort made by businesses and customers alike to create the required demand for handcrafted products.

We wanted to keep our commitment to doing good for the planet while keeping artisan interests in mind, thus sustainable mango wood was bought from the Indian forest department. This was a conscious and ethical decision to make sure that any illegally harvested timber is not used in the production of these boxes.

Our order was distributed amongst the workers of one of our fair trade producers and thus began the slow process of making these boxes by hand. The entire production of the boxes took around 40 days to complete. The artisans worked only in daylight hours at the pace of their choosing. Our producer helps us provide artisans with fair wages, safe and healthy working environment.

This exquisite Fair Trade handcrafted wooden box crafted from sustainable materials is perfect for adding a unique touch to any home. Showcase your love for sustainability and ethics when you use this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.


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